Senreques technology group

Senreques Technology Group is South Africa’s leading distributor for datacentre, enterprise and cloud solutions.

"Information Technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven, I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other."
Bill Gates
American Business Magnate

our Products

Senreques Technology Group has focused its efforts on its supply-chain and because of this it is now recognised as one of the nation’s leading distributors of name-brand IT and Consumer Electronic products.

Our Clients


Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs

Fulvic Health

RTT Logistics

RTT Intelligent Logistics


The South African National Roads Agency SOC LTD

BKH Intruments

BKH Instruments cc, Automation Solutions


University Of South Africa



Senreques has extensive competencies in the logistics sector. As with leadership, Senreques believes that quality logistical support is key to the successful establishment and operation of manufacturing on the continent. Senreques is positioned to support development, maximise processes, enhance safety, and improve cost efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics across Africa.


Senreques has been supporting SA’s telecoms giants virtually since inception. Delivering the full spectrum of Senreques's consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions and services to telecommunications customers, Senreques understands the business of telecommunications like no other company does. As the networks and services of the telecoms environment grow, with increasing demands for availability and quality of service, Senreques continues to build and deliver services from consulting through to infrastructure implementation and maintenance.

Financial Services

Customer centricity and technology disruption are 2 key opportunities for banking and insurance organisations. Our approach of combining business and risk management experience, technology expertise and deep customer insights allows us to deliver purposeful innovation and on-going value